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Why Your Dog Needs Exercise and 5 Risks for Not Doing It


To keep your dog healthy, trust me, there is no alternative to daily exercise. Be it physical or mental.

If you let your dog sit in the crate all day long, you should never expect it to behave normally and, more importantly, happy.

Before you know it, your puppy will develop harmful habits.

Here are a few things that may happen to your dog.

1. They’ll get bored


Not taking your dog for walks, and not pushing them to move will lead to extreme boredom.

Soon, they will take matters into their hands. Being a dog, they won’t be able to help it. As a result, they may develop acute restlessness and anxiety.

A restless dog resorts to:

  • Destroying stuff from your house i.e., chewing on furniture, linens, and even your shoes.
  • Annoy you with repetitive barking

For more info, read this article by Bustle.

A well-exercised dog has little to no chance to have anxiety or restlessness issues.

2. Your dog will become fat.

I don’t think I need to tell you about the physical risks that come as a bonus with obesity as it’s 2020 already.

But consider mental and physical issues that may arise when your dog is obese.
Excess fat does nothing but makes your dog’s life worse in all aspects.

Your dog may show complete disinterest in your orders.

It wont be able to play with other dogs and kids. And this isolation will soon take the face of depression.

3. Social Withdrawal.

Lack of physical and mental stimulation will make your dog disinterested in things one she loved.

Your dog will avoid engaging with you, even if you come back to the house after a long day at work.

It will become difficult for them to leave the crate or their favorite corner.

4. Lack of Stamina

As humans, if we don’t exercise, we lose endurance. Simple day to day activities like wearing socks or say climbing stairs become difficult for us.

This applies to canines too.

Moreover, excess body weight is harsh on their heart, lungs, and knees.

5. Loss of Bonding with owner

Your dog hates to miss the opportunities to spend time with you. Not exercising them will make them spend less time with you. As a result, less bonding.

Lack of bonding has led to many unwanted issues, such as disobedience and confrontation.


It would be best if you looked for ways to get your dog some level of both physical and mental activity before it becomes a problem.

All it takes is a short walk to the neighborhood, a quick frisbee session, or swimming to keep these risks away.


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