While every dog breed that we know about qualifies as the cutest in its own sense.

After all, cuteness is in the eyes, not in objects.

But then few of them break all the needles of cuteness meter.


They are so cute that a mere sight of them can trigger the secretion of awwness neurotransmitters in awful amounts in your brain.

You forget all stress and anxiety and want to hug them.

I curated an opinionated list of dogs that I find to be super-duper cute. The order in this list has nothing to do with the amount of cuteness a breed poses


Poodles kind of pioneered the elegance in the dogs world. Nothing can beat the amount of overwhelming cuteness they ooze. They are highly intelligent and sassy. If you are looking for a perfect guardian watchdog, go for poodle without a doubt.



These adorable does are known for their wrinkly and charming looks. Pugs are full of energy and are very playful in nature. Don’t get them wrong for their small size as they have very strong character. If you are a family with small childrens, Pug is the dog that is worth considering.a


3Shar Pei


4Pembroke Welsh Corgi



Maltese is a toy breed that is very playful and fearless at the same time. If taught well, maltese can do things that you cannot imagine with other dogs. Because of this ability to learning complex things, you may need to provide them with professional training to bring them to their full potential.



Apart from being cute, dalmatians are great family companions. They are very sensitive in nature. Though this breed is very easy to groom but they shed a lot. In my opinion dalmatians are very easy to train and and intelligent.

Most demanding part of owning a Dalmatian is there physical needs. They are very energetic dogs and it can be challenging to keep up with their intensity. If you are mostly occupied with other commitments in your then this can be an issue.



Initially they were bred to hunt Badgers, in Germany. Their body structure works to their advantage when hunting badgers. When it comes to aggression they are right at the top with breeds like rottweiler and pitbulls.

Don’t let their cuteness trip you, they are hyper active and because of their super scrappy nature nothing can stop them from being super mischievous at times.


8Cocker Spaniel





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