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How to take care of senior dogs: 8 essential tips

How to take care of senior dogs:  8 essential tips

After a certain age, everybody gets old and tired and so does your pet dogs. and just like humans,  the old dogs start needing special care and requirement too. To make sure that your good old dog has a long and happy life, you should incorporate some strategies is his daily routine for his better care.

There are many problems that come with old age in dogs. Similar to humans they also develop certain medical issues that slow them down. The older dog tends to have less energy and can develop a cataract as well which can create problems with their vision.

Depending on the dog breeds,  different dogs start getting old at different ages and you need to make sure you have the full information on the health requirements of your dog and also always be aware of all the signs that your dog shows of aging. 

To make sure that they continue to live a happy and healthy life you need to follow some easy ways as well as tips that are listed below.


1. Diet appropriate for their age

As dogs start to age their food and nutrition requirement changes as well. The idea of a balanced diet may be different for a little puppy and a senior dog that is why it is very important to focus on what you are feeding your old dog.

A nutritious diet plays a very important role in maintaining your dog’s good health. On the one hand, where dogs in their early stages need large portion-sized meals and they are more active, On the other hand, the senior dogs can develop obesity if you feed them the same amount of meals due to lack of activity.

You have to give him food that is low in fat and calories and is a rich source of nutrients. Older dogs also tend to develop some kind of food conditions so it is also very important to consult your vet before changing his diet

2. Parasite protection and vaccination.

Regardless of age, dogs at different stages of their life develop fleas, ticks, and worms and to ensure their good health it is important to provide them protection from them. So it is very important to continue to administer the proper treatment as earlier.

Your dog may not need vaccination as he becomes old but he is definitely gonna need proper protection from various parasites. 

Take him to the vet for knowing your pet’s individual needs and do as advised to ensure his better health


3. Maintaining Oral Health

Similar to humans, dogs too start losing their teeth as they grow older. When dogs do not get proper dental care in their adult life, their teeth become weaker as they become a senior dog. And to not make it worse, give special attention to his oral hygiene.

Dental hygiene is equally important as his regular hygiene and it deserves your attention from a young age. 

In order to keep your dog’s teeth healthy make sure to wash them on a daily basis and if he doesn’t let you wash his teeth you can take help from dental treats that will make sure to keep his oral health in check. 

Apart from this, professional attention to his teeth cleaning is also very necessary, and therefore it is important you take him for professional cleaning of his teeth every once a year.


4. Grooming

With age, dogs tend to suffer from skin and hair problems. They can show signs of hair shedding, dry, rough and irritated skin, dull coat, etc. And these problems are only going to get worse if not cared for properly. 

So that is why it is very important to you pay special attention to his grooming by brushing him regularly, use of natural shampoos, giving him a bath in regular intervals, nourishing products to heal his coat and skin.


5. Regular Exercising

Due to lack of activity, your dog may become dull and start gaining weight but for old dogs, more weight is only going to add to the list of their problems and that is why regular exercising is very important. 

It is very important for your dog to maintain his ideal weight in order to stay healthy and regular exercising is the solution to that. 

However, you should be equally concerned about the fact that he is getting old so he will not be as active as before and his energy will drain quickly. You can take him to the vet for some recommended exercise program and get some suggestions for his routine exercise.

You will have to be patient and let your old dog build his stamina slowly. And understand that he will not be able to exercise as much as he used to do earlier and that is completely okay.


6. Spend Time With Your Old Dog

Aging is a natural phenomenon and it could also be a stressful one. As your dog starts to age he will find difficulty in doing the regular things that he first used to do with ease and witnessing these changes could be painful for him.

His health will also start to worse at some point and when you are not sure what you can do make it all better for him, you can always be there beside him supporting him.

Cherishing every memory that you have together and being grateful for your dog during these difficult times is not only going to help your dog but it will also help you in accepting the fact that he is getting old now. 

Dogs tend to develop anxiety when they experience changes in their life so you have to make sure to make him feel better by soothing his anxiety. 

Dogs rely on their owners’ presence for their mental and emotional stability so being there for your dog is a very important aspect of caring for him.


7. Regular Vet Checkups

Aging comes with some medical issues, and vet checkups are very important in this case. The immune system of the dogs will start to become weaker as they age and that will make him prone to all sorts of ailments.

And that is why now your vet visits have to be more frequent than before. And even when he is not ill, you should take him for a routine checkup once every few months to make sure that is not developing any sort of disease.


8. Provide Special Accommodations

Special accommodations are for the dogs that develop certain issues with their aging. Senior dogs can have arthritis and bone joints problems with their age, some may also develop problems with their vision, etc.

Keeping all this in mind you will need to provide some special accommodations to help me live a happy and healthy life without any problems.

A vet will always help you in knowing what’s best for your dog as per his individual needs.



Aging in dogs can be stressful for both the dog and the owner but the best thing would be to not feel anxious about all the changes in his life and provide a solution that will help him feel better.

Above we have discussed 8 essential tips that will help your dog in his day to day life and will help him live a happy and healthy life.

I hope we were able to help you with this article and we would like to hear about your honest feedback in the comment section below. Also mention any queries, suggestions or views that you have on the same.


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