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How To Comfort Your Dog With Fever: Twelve Easy Ways


Seeing your beloved pet sick is definitely challenging but it is inevitable. Pets, just like humans, do get down with fever or become sick from time to time and it becomes even more challenging because of a lack of ability to understand how they are feeling or what they want.

Well, in times like this, the perfect solution is to learn how to comfort your dog when he is not feeling good. By learning just some simple ways you will be able to make this experience a lot less troubling for your dog and that’s what we all want, right?

Below we have curated a simple list of ways in which you can comfort your dog when he is having a fever or is sick:


1. Using The Calm Voice

Make sure whenever you talk to your dog when he has a fever, you use your calming voice because chances are, your dog is feeling anxious and vulnerable when he is sick and he will need reassurance from you, his most trusted human, that he is going to be okay.

Try to talk to them and say really comforting words like how much you love him. Even though he may not understand what you are saying but he will definitely sense your tone and get the message.

2. Stay Calm and Relax Yourself

Here is the time for you to wear your cape and be a superhero for your dog. No matter how stressed you are yourself, but for the sake of your dog, you will have to pretend that you are calm and relaxed and not stressed, anxious, frustrated, or Angry.

Your dog will sense your behavior and it could make him really stressed and vulnerable as well. So be a hero for your dog and act how you want your dog to feel.


3. Avoid Unfamiliar People and Places

When your dog is down with fever, he may panic around people who are unfamiliar or places never visited before. This could happen with well-friendly dogs too. The dog’s best interest would be to keep him at home surrounded by his family and he will feel his most relaxed at that moment.

Also, if possible try to avoid having guests over when your pet is sick. It would be best for him to relax around people who he knows already, it will help to create a comforting environment for him. 

4. Show Him Lots Of Love

The first step of comforting is to be affectionate towards your pet and show him a lot of care and love. Gentle rubs, little pats on the head, gentle hugging would really help them feel comfortable and warm. 

You can also give them gentle massages on their pressure points such as feet, ears, and top of their head. 

But make sure your dog is not getting irritated with all the touching, in that case, refrain yourself from much physical contact and give him some alone time that he wants.


5. Soothe their anxiety

Many dogs tend to feel anxious when they are ill, so it is very important to keep them calm and relaxed when they are down with a fever. For doing so you may have to follow just a few simple tactics that seem to work for dogs.

  • Music is a great way to keep your dog relax many dogs really like the sound of music and it helps them get rid of the anxiety. Make sure the music is relaxing otherwise it will have the opposite effect, 
  • Keeping silence in the house And letting them rest is also very effective
  • Giving them a blanket or something for comfort also helps them feel relaxed and calm. 

6. Keep him hydrated

When your dog is sick he may get dehydrated because of constant vomiting or diarrhea. In that case, he will get thirsty more often, so it is your job to ensure that he is having water frequently. 

Keep a bowl of fresh and clean water filled in front of him always and also do remember that when he is drinking water he may also need to go for peeing more frequently. 

if he is dehydrated that’ll make him become sicker and he will also have a hard time recovering and that is why it is an important point to keep in mind. 


7. Introduce food gradually

It is only natural that your dog is not eating any food when he is sick. This is more common in dogs who have been given anesthesia or those who are vomiting. However not eating any food is also making him feel weak and dull and he definitely needs his nutrition to get better.

So the best way to deal with this is starting with food that is easy to digest like rice, boiled potatoes, boiled chicken, etc. And start by giving them small portions of food and you can also feed them between intervals.

if your dog is vomiting then he may need some extra care. Try not to feed him anything for 12 to 24 hours because the stomach of dogs need to recuperate before eating anything. And when you start giving them food, make sure to give it in small proportions and between a few hours. 

8. Keep your dog cool and dry

When your dog is suffering from fever, he may get overheated and it is very important to ensure that you are giving him some proper ventilation for him to feel better. Keep him in a cool and dry place which is also clean. 

You can also place a fan near him to give him some cool air. Apart from this, you can also give him cool water and ice cubes which will help in keeping them cool. 


9. Or Keep Them Warm

Alternatively, your dog could also be feeling cold, and in that situation, look for signs of shivering or shaking, if appear, it means that they are feeling cold and in that case, you will need to give him a nice comforting blanket to make him feel warm.

10. Create a nice comforting resting area

During his sick days, your dog will spend most part of his day just laying and resting. So it is important to create a nice and comfortable sleeping area for him where he can just rest calmly.

The place needs to be clean and dry and not suffocating. Make sure it has enough ventilation for him to feel comfortable. 

Add his blanket and his sleeping mat as well so that he can use it when he is feeling cold. And lastly do not forget to keep clean water near him for times when he feels thirsty.


11. Take Him To The Veterinarian

If his condition seems to be getting worse or if he is not getting any better even after 2 or 3 days, then it is time for you to take him to the veterinarian. It is always a smart decision.

This way you will not only be stopping the problem right there but will also make the experience a lot less suffering for your dog. 

Do not give him just any medicine according to you. That could make his condition worse, and absolutely do no try to feed him human medicine when he has a fever or something. There is a lot of difference in pet medicine and human medicine and both are sold differently for a reason. 

12. Give Them Prescribed Medicine

When your vet has suggested some medicine for your dog, make sure that your dog takes it in order to feel better. And also do remember to only give him what the vet has prescribed and nothing else. 

Some dogs give a hard time taking pills, you can hide them in a teaspoon of peanut butter or a piece of bread but ensure that he is taking the pill. 



It is definitely a sad feeling to see your dog sick, but meanwhile, you are waiting for him to get better you can follow the above-given tactics to make him feel better and make his suffering a lot less painful.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Make sure to leave a comment if you have used any of these tactics and it has helped you in a way. 

Also, we are eager to know about your feedback about this article and you can also let us know about any tactic that you follow to comfort your dog when he is not feeling good in the comment section below.



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