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8 Exciting Ways To Tell Your Dog That You Love Him


Dogs are definitely one of the most adorable and loyal creatures on earth and to say that we love them would be an understatement. People with dogs as pets will relate that they are an absolute bundle of joy And I am sure that you would do anything in the world to show them how much they mean to you. 

Well, you will not have to go too far because we have brought you 8 simple ways in which you can express your love for your dog in a language that he would understand. 

We all know that they communicate with us through our body language, facial expression and tone of our voice, so basically we will just have to work on our communication to send this lovely message. 

Keep reading to know about all the 8 ways to tell your dog that you love him.

1. Cuddles and snuggles


If there is anything in the world that dogs love as much as back-scratching or belly rubbing it is cuddles and snuggles. You are furry friends very much enjoy this physical act of expressing love and they often make it too obvious as well. 

It is pretty strange considering that this very cuddle-lovers do not enjoy being hugged whatsoever, but when it comes to taking naps together or cuddling, they are all up for it. 

Basically dogs feel a kind of connection with their owner when they have a nap together or cuddle on a couch and they crave it. So whenever you want to show your dog how much he means to you, never hesitate to act on this because your dog will love to be your nap buddy. 

2. Playing with your dog


We all know how dogs are a fan of dog parks, walks, and casual catch and throw play. So showing affection by doing his favorite thing in the world might be your perfect guess to tell him how much you love your dog. 

Your dog is probably having the best time of his life while playing and he may have his own little list of activities that he thinks of as fun that you may be aware of. By treating him with all this fun with his favorite “hooman” you are screaming love to his face and that’s all he wants. 

And to be honest your dog won’t be the only one having the time of his life while playing. Your fun is another added advantage that comes with this way.

3. Talking To Your Dog


You may be surprised by this information, that scientists with the help of the MRI technology have found out that dogs can understand human language in a certain form. So you won’t be too crazy to talk to your dog. 

Dogs understand your tone very much and I am sure that you may have the tone that you use while pampering him. So do not hesitate to use your weird squeaky voice while talking to him, because he may understand it better.

I am not just saying this, because it is actually proven. Medical News Today points out that when you use that high pitched voice while talking to your dog which is basically called Baby Talk, your dog actually likes it. 

Also, there are some “good words” in your dogs dictionary that he responds to better, words like walk, dog park, eat, food, etc. And it is pretty common to notice. 

Reading has also proved to be a calming exercise for dogs that helps them soothe their anxiety. This technique is widely used for shelter dogs who suffer from stress, anxiety, and sometimes paranoia. Reading is being used in treating these dogs for a long time and it also helps them come out of their shell and be more friendly. 

4. Rubbing His Ears


We all know that scratching his chin while calling him a good boy is a way to go, but another one, which is also a pretty famous one is when you gently rub his ears. This one works because it has a scientific explanation behind it. 

When you rub the back of your dog’s hair gently, it releases a hormone called endorphins in his body. Endorphins are actually relaxing hormone in your dog’s body that relieves pain and brings out pleasure.

Do remember to watch his reaction when you rub his ears gently as he will transform into a ball of happiness. It also helps them to relax and become totally stress-free.

5. Gazing and Pampering


Dogs generally communicate with humans through body language and he understands what you are trying to say with how you behave. So gazing into your dog’s eyes with love and speaking with him softly while saying lots of sweet things about him may be the easiest way to tell him how much he means to you.

Apart from this, don’t forget to pet him gently, raise your eyebrows, look directly into his eyes and that is all that it takes. Pretty easy, right?

This was the talk about your body language, but what about your dog’s? How you will know if he is loving it or he understands what you are trying to portray? Well, that is pretty easy too. All you got to do is look for some signs such as:

  • A wagging tail
  • Eye-contact
  • Raised eyebrows

Along with this, if your dog is equally gazing at you and maintaining eye-contact that means he is also trying to say that he loves you, which is the most adorable thing that you will hear today. 

It actually is proven by a recent study that states that when your dog gazes at you and gives you a long eye-contact, it means that oxytocin, which is infamously known as the ‘love chemical’ goes up in their body and as a result, they give you that special gaze. 

However, when gazing at your dog make sure you are not giving him an aggressive look because that could throw him off. And you can spot them with some signs as well look for when your dog is feeling anxious, stressed, or threatened and they are:

  • Tucked tail
  • Lip licking
  • Eyeballs popped out
  • Eyes averted

6. Facial Expressions


You may already know this, that dogs can understand your facial expression and can also read your emotional status. They also get affected by your emotional state and they can read it through your facial expressions. 

This suggests that when you feel happy, he will understand the same, and when you are trying to shower him with all the love, he will see it through your facial expression. So be as expressive as you can be in front of your dog. And never hold back your facial expression.

When trying to show love to your dog you may raise your eyebrows more often, have a relaxed smile and that is pretty much it. Japanese behavioral scientists have proven that your dog will try to show the same expression when being affirming and that is it is the same language that they relate to. 

7. Lean On Him


Have you ever noticed how sometimes your dog just lays himself on you or leans his body over yours? That is his way of telling you that he trusts you and loves you. It may also be the sign that you are his favorite human being, which is kind of adorable, isn’t it?

Well, its time for him to feel the same as well. You can tell him the same by leaning on him a bit. But do remember to not make it forceful because that way your dog can feel threatened and that is the exact opposite of what we are trying to do here. 

8. And a lot of spoiling….


Who doesn’t love being spoiled? Definitely not your dog. This way of pampering may not be the most traditional but it certainly works, as it works on every human being on the planet. 

Giving him his favorite treat, buying him a new toy, watching his favorite show together, or simply brushing his body with a gentle brush, all these ways are a great way to express your feeling of affection towards him. 


So above were the eight exciting ways in which you can show your dog how much you love him. Your dog is definitely going to love all of this and the best part about this is, when a dog feels loved, it makes him become the best version of himself and he will provide you with the same amount of love, care, and trust.

Because that’s the thing about these loyal buddies, you show them, love, they will show you even more love and that is why they deserve every bit of pampering, caring, and loving in the world. 

If you try any of these ways, do tell us in the comment section that how that worked for you and your dog. We will be waiting to read about those adorable moments impatiently!



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